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SONA Home invites you to…
…a world of imagination and enchantment, where vibrant design, timeless luxury and joyful detail transport you to the boisterous-yet-elegant glamour of bygone eras and faraway lands through exceptional pieces curated for the modern home.

A sophisticated global collection of fine bone china, sumptuous linens and lustrous accessories, SONA Home brings the world to your table. Each piece, carefully chosen by founders Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Maneesh K. Goyal, conjures a magical atmosphere for all your special moments – whether you’re eating takeout for two or entertaining twelve.

First introduced at SONA, our stylishly appointed, haute cuisine Indian restaurant in New York City, the SONA Home Collection reflects our rich, shared history AND LOVE of Indian hospitality—being gracious hosts by welcoming people into your home and creating a community that makes you feel as if there’s no place else you would rather be. Now, we are sharing the collection from our table to be treasured at yours.

SONA Home. For a table as captivating as those who surround it.

Our exclusive first release includes Sultan’s Garden, a selection of exquisite dinnerware and serving pieces fancifully emblazoned with plants and animals that evoke the paradise of India, and Panna, a complementary range of delicately embroidered linens and gleaming décor adorned with lush palms in graceful silhouettes.

FOUNDERS Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Maneesh K. Goyal

Founders' Note

Entertaining, like life, is all about what you bring to the table.

For us, hosting brings pure joy. Inspired by our love of food, community, and entertaining, we are thrilled to bring our world to your table with SONA Home, a meaningful collection steeped in history and culture, curated for the modern home.

Though we were born on opposite ends of the globe, the ethos of our shared heritage, our passion for being hosts, and the spirit behind SONA Home is inspired by the Sanskrit phrase, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava,’ which translates to ‘a guest is like a God’. Indian hospitality is renowned the world over and is grounded in the belief that guests must be treated with the highest regard.

Like great food and great company, a beautiful table sets the stage for unforgettable moments. And when what adorns your table is as special as those gathered around it…magic happens.

We have seen that magic night after night at SONA, our home away from home. In the soft glow of table lamps with vintage silk sari shades, our guests dine – with smiles on their faces and wonder in their eyes – from the finest china, thoughtfully detailed with elements that evoke the transcendent luxury of our roots.

We are honored to now bring the magic of SONA to your home and to be a part of all your special moments – from morning coffee to life’s biggest celebrations. 

Cheers to magic moments,

Priyanka & Maneesh

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